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Antarctic Tasmania


Tasmanian Polar Network

Tasmanian organisations are recognised around the world for their polar expertise. Many national Antarctic programs, including those of Australia, France, Italy, China, The United States, New Zealand, The Republic of Korea, Russia and Japan, source cold-climate products and services from Tasmanian businesses and scientific organisations.

The Tasmanian Polar Network (TPN) is a membership organisation which represents and coordinates over 70 businesses, research institutions and government agencies. Members provide specialised products and services in areas as diverse as scientific instrumentation, ship outfitting and food provisioning, technical and mechanical products and services, waste management, medical services and marine engineering.

The TPN is unique, with its diversity of membership, breadth of expertise and ability to operate as a one-stop shop through its secretariat run by Antarctic Tasmania.

If you are interested in joining the TPN or learning more about its members visit the TPN website.

The TPN also has a business directory.

Tasmanian Polar Network

Video courtesy of Hobart Airport and TasPorts

The Centre for Antarctic, Remote and Maritime Medicine (CARMM)

CARMM is an expert network in Antarctic, remote and maritime medicine and is a collaboration of five founding partner organisations:

  • Australian Government
  • Australian Antarctic Program
  • Tasmanian Government
  • Menzies Institute for Medical Research
  • University of Tasmania

CARMM is based in the Antarctic Gateway City of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. CARMM delivers health care in remote and extreme environments training, education, clinical services and research and innovation.

More information:

CARMM web site